Craftsman who makes a whole lot of things using a keyboard and a mouse

Freelance worker since 2010, my activities encompass a wide range of computing works in the areas of web design, digital publishing and graphic design, such as :

  • developing, managing and maintaining websites (online shops, showcases, presentation pages, etc.), built from scratch or based on existing applications (Grav, OpenCart, WordPress, etc.)
  • inputting, typesetting, and revising digital documents (e.g. EPUB and PDF files), using word processing (LibreOffice) or more specialized softwares (Sigil)
  • designing, revamping and optimization visual identities (emblems, logos, etc.) using vector graphics formats (SVG, EPS, etc.), fully custom or built from previous versions


This site is currently on recasting and doesn’t display yet informations about the projects I worked on previously. For the time being, you may check my other professional profiles, LinkedIn or Stack Overflow, to get an overview of what I have achieved before.